Available in;
40# bag

2000-4000 sq. ft.
Enjoy More Life in Your Soil
Natural Corn Gluten Meal 9-0-0
Safe, effective weed control and fertilizer in one product!

As an organic herbicide with no chemicals, Corn Gluten ensures you will have a
safe, healthy lawn for your entire family to enjoy. The discovery of corn gluten for
use as a natural herbicide makes the lawn care choice easy: Go Organic!

Corn Gluten can be used as natural means for weed control, while providing
nutrients to established plants. Natural chemicals called peptides found in corn
gluten inhibit root formation at the time of germination.  Corn Gluten dries out
seeds as soon as they open to sprout.  Corn gluten meal is a powdery by product
of the corn milling process used to make corn starch and corn syrup. It is often
used in cattle feed and dog food. As a plant food, Corn Gluten Meal is 9% nitrogen.

Controls: crabgrass, dandelions, smart weed, purslane, foxtail, lambsquarters,
barnyard grass and more
Pre-Emergent Fertilizer
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