Available in;
Quart, Gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon
drum, 275 gallon tote

 1 - 3 gallons per acre
Enjoy More Life in Your Soil
Unlike Fish Emulsions, It does not stink.  HYDROLYZED FISH is cold processed and not cooked like fish
emulsion and therefore does not lose essential nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones, and
vitamins that are absored by the plant tissue or through root hairs.  
Phosphorus than fish emulsion which is needed for root growth and it contains no Cholrine or no heavy
metals like Mercury and PCB's.
HYDROLYZED FISH  can be used by itself or in conjunction with other fertilizer
products to enhance the quality, increase energy,
growth, shelf life and yield of crops.

Growers using our
HYDROLYZED FISH on a regular basis have reported increased marketable yields and
improved shelf life on fruits and vegetables.  
HYDROLYZED FISH is also known to build natural sugars in
plants.  Flowers foliage will be stronger and more colorful.  Blooms will be more plentiful, fragrant and longer
Hydrolyzed Fish
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HYDROLYZED FISH has gained wide recognition in recent years,
energy releasing fish product available anywhere, unmatched by  
has gained wide recognition in recent years, any other producer.

HYDROLYZED FISH contains 100% fish protein, more than twice
the concentration found in fish emulsion. A typical analysis of
HYDROLYZED FISH shows a product boasting 33
percent crude protein with large amounts of both micro and macro
fertilizer nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, all of which are
needed to grow a healthy plant.