Spray Injection System
Enjoy More Life in Your Soil
Eco-505 Spray Injection System - "A must have for organic applicators"
making a blanket application of fertilizer. By pulling the second trigger on the injection gun, the pesticide
solution is injected instantaneously into the flow of fertilizer at the gun.

Think about it ...
  • Pesticide reduction up to 50%.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Reduced call-backs.
  • Pesticides applied only where and when needed.
  • Practice IPM efficiently and profitably.
  • Work Smart!

The complete system consists of a 9-gallon tank, pumping unit, Hannay dual line hose reel, coaxial hose,
and the dual trigger gun. The Eco-505 can be easily incorporated into any lawn care spray unit. specially
designed 12-volt pump is circuit-breaker protected. A toggle switch turns the system on and a pressure
regulator allows for precise flow adjustment.

Complete system w/ 300' hose - $2,502.00
Unlike side-by-side hoses,
our unique coaxial hose
features a durable and
easy to pull and rewind.
Our coaxial hose is
supplied as standard, but
side-by-side hose is
available as an option for
those who prefer it.
Gun consists of a
Chemlawn™ modified with
a special The Gregson-
Clark dual trigger stainless
steel valve and dual triggers.
Overall Dimensions:
W = 20-1/2"
D = 17-3/8"
H = 15-7/8"

9-Gallon capacity polyethylene,
5" lid, stainless threaded inserts molded in
tank for pump and battery mounting &
bottom sump.
The specially designed tank fits in most
commercial spreaders including Lesco,
MTD, Spyker, and  EarthWay.

Call to confirm your specific model.

All fittings enter the tank through the top
thereby reducing leak potential.
12-Volt diaphragm
3.0 gpm, 40 psi
6 amp draw @ 20 psi
Quiet and dependable. Other 12-volt pumps
are available upon request.
Fully adjustable 0-60 psi regulator with
pressure gauge
Easy to read gauge ensures accurate
Excess pump flow returns to the bottom of
the tank for agitation.
12-Volt sealed maintenance free
17 Amp-hour, rapid recharge rate
90 minute continuous run time between
Spare batteries as well as larger capacity
batteries are available. Recharged by a
12-volt automotive charger or from a truck
charging system.
Physical width – 62"
Folded Width – 24"
Effective spray width – 80"
Nozzle spacing – 20"
3-section spring break-away and retract
Powder coated finish.
On most spreader models the boom can be
attached in seconds.
Dripless nozzle bodies
Quick turn caps
nozzles available
Diaphragm valve in nozzle body requires 5
psi to open, eliminating dripping when pump
is off.
Spraying Systems nozzles provide very low
drift at very low application rates. (.29 gallons
per 1000 sq. ft., 4 mph @ 30 psi)
Lightweight poly trigger valve with 15" wand
and spray tip.
With an 8-foot, self-retracting hose, the hand
spray wand is ideal for spot-spraying turf and
Handlebar mounted on/off switch
Handlebar mounted thumb switch provides
simple and easy control.
Truck mounted, quick attach bracket
When using your spreader for dry
applications, the Spreader-Mate stores
quickly and easily with our optional universal
mounting bracket.
Tank assembly
Boom assembly
Total weight - empty
Total weight - full
8 Lbs.
12 Lbs.
9 Lbs.
29 Lbs.
102 Lbs.
One-year part replacement warranty against
defects in materials and workmanship.
Pump elastomers and battery are
considered normal wear items and carry a
90-day parts replacement warranty.
In less than a minute you can convert your spreader into a fully functional sprayer. The Spreader-Mate™ is ideal
for turf and ornamental applications.

The specially molded, 9-gallon, polyethylene tank fits neatly into most commercial spreaders including Lesco™,
Earthway™, and Spyker™. The pump, battery, filter, regulator, and valves are all mounted on the tank, making it a
self-contained assembly. To install the unit, you need only to "drop" the tank unit in the spreader, mount the quick-
attach boom, and hook up the hose to the boom.

  • The 62" quick-attach boom features a spring break-away and four dripless nozzle bodies with 1/4-turn
    caps. A guard protects the end nozzles.
  • Low drift, low volume nozzles allow up to 30,000 square feet of coverage per fill up.
  • An adjustable regulator with a stainless steel, liquid filled pressure gauge ensure accurate, consistent
    application rates.
  • A thumb activated handlebar switch controls the pump.
  • A hand spray wand allows for easy application in hard to access areas, ornamental beds, etc
Picture shows a Spreader-
Mate™ mounted on a
Lesco self-propelled unit.
(Folding boom

Single Nozzle
(no boom)

Truck mounted
Storage Brkt
Truck mounted
battery charger
Accumate 12v
battery charger
Spare 12v battery
with quick
disconnect wire