From wheat to corn or anything in between, we
have the experience needed to guide you to higher
yielding, higher profit, higher quality crops.

Greenhouse & Nursery
Growing in potted containers presents a unique set
of challenges. Challenges that our trained advisors
have answers to.

Pasture & Livestock
A lush, nutritious pasture is key to healthy livestock.
Our non-toxic products insure healthier, heartier

Golf Course & Turf
We understand the difficulties involved in turf
maintenance. We can help whether you're battling
pests below or above the surface.

Groves & Orchards
The secret to a successful grove or orchard is
healthy soil. We'll show you how to get the best
results and highest yield out of every tree.
Enjoy More Life in Your Soil
Golf Course Superintendents and Turf Growers are “green” thinkers. Golf courses are
judged by the color, turf is also judged by color as well as thick growth and rooting.

Chemical companies producing chemical salt based fertilizers and toxic pesticides have
sterilized the soils killing the beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and insects. Last generation
thinking believes the only way green can be maintained is more fertilizer and more
chemicals, consider it as spiking where the plus affects are temporary and the only
resolution has been more frequent and heavier applications, indiscriminate use of
chemicals. This causes the need for more and more frequent watering to overcome the
negative stressful affects to the soil and grass.

The EPA, state and local governments and environmentalists have placed a great deal of
pressure on the golf course and turf industry to help eliminate ground water and
downstream chemical contamination. Meeting these stringent requirements can be time
consuming and costly.

Maintaining Turf Can Be Easier Than Ever
With over 30 years of experience and research we have produced a new product called
Green NV™ containing all major and minor nutritionals produced through fermentation using
numerous organic carbons, plant extracts (botanicals), soil bacteria and fungi.  
Green NV™
is all-inclusive and multi-functional and without harmful environmental issues.

SaferScapes, Inc. also produces the world’s only non-toxic organic multi-link polymer called
Defender, which greatly reduces chemical ground water and downstream contamination,
increases soil water holding structure, deeper rooting and controlled released nutrients
without any toxic ingredients of man-made polymers such as Polyacrylamides.

SaferScapes, Inc. produces everything you need to enjoy healthy, beautiful, lush turf that's
friendly to the planet's environment. Perfect for commercial use, greens and fairways,
schools, municipal green areas including parks and recreation.
How We Benefit Other Industries
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