Decorative stackable
hydroponic pots produces
maximum yield results.
Enjoy More Life in Your Soil
GroTowers are a stackable
growing system which allows you
to grow 10x more per foot of floor
space. The growing potential is

GroTowers have minimal impact
on the environment.  There's no
harmful runn-off of pesticides,
herbicides or fertilizers keeping
the aquifer clean and pure.

Pathogen Free
Unlike styrofoam pots, GroTowers
are pourous and resist pathogen
growth ensuring a healthy soil fro
vibrant plants

Increase Yields
Production of vegetables are
extremely high, will produce
approx. 15-20 lbs per plant, 20 lb
per plant of cucumbers, sweet bell
peppers produce 8-12 fruit per
plant, zucchini & yellow squash
produce 8-15 lbs per plant.
Soil Amendment
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Revolutionary Growing System
Designed for maximum growth results
with minimal effort
SaferScapes' GroTower Hydroponic System is designed for maximum
growth results with minimal effort.  Daily care is virtually eliminated,
This is hydroponic gardening made truly simple!
GroTowers are constructed of a
U/V protection to withstand harsh
growing environments.  Built tough
years and years.

Grow Anywhere
GroTowers feature a unique,
extensible design that can be
easily adapted for use in every
growing environment from
greenhouses, gardens, backyard
patios to indoor sunrooms.

Grow Anything
GroTowers easily support different
types of berries, fruits, vegetables,
herbs and/or flowers on a single

GroTowers are unique in that they
work great for favorite potting mix
for fantastic results. It'a also a
decorative showpiece.